Dialect 方言社

  The "Dialect", formerly known as "PhotoIntel Macau", is a photographic group and platform which based in Macau. Co-founded by four independent photographers in 2017, "Dialect" is dedicated to exploring the infinite possibilities of photography and giving new impact in photography to Macau through various forms of exhibitions, discussions and activities.

Dialect 方言社, 前稱「澳門攝影情報社」,由四位獨立攝影人共同創立於2017,是一個以澳門為基地的攝影團體與平台,方言社透過舉辦各種形式的展覽、討論與活動,嘗試給予澳門攝影新的衝擊,探索攝影的無限可能性。


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