Alan ieon

Born in 1987, Macau. Study and graduated in Taiwan. Currently live and work in Macau. Chief editor and founders of the Macau photo collective – “Dialect”.


生於 1987 年澳門,國立台灣清華大學物理系畢業,現於澳門從事攝影創作及策展。為攝影團體-《Dialect 方言社》主編輯及創辦人之一

About 簡介

Alan ieon was born in 1987 in Macau and graduated in the department of Physics at National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan. He is one of the editors and founders of the Macau photo collective “Dialect”, a photo collective which is dedicated to photography education in Macau.

Alan currently lives and works in Macau. He sees himself as part of the last generation of children born in colonial Macau. While witnessing the changing hand of regime from the colonial Portuguese government to a local Chinese government and the immediate economic blooming afterwards, most of his work is associated with urban scenery and focuses on themes related to the system of the city/nation as well as personal identity. In his work, he tries to rediscover fragmented and hidden records scattered around the city. Through these hidden fragments, he seeks to reflect on what reality is and point out the absurdity of the system, and during this process, explore the purpose of self-existence.

Having participated in different exhibitions since 2015, his works have been shown in various exhibitions and reviews in different countries and regions include Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Singapore.





Exhibition 展覽

Whatever You Make, Make It Yours- 14th anniversary member collective exhibition – (Group Exhibition, 2017, @CreativeMacau CCI, Macau)

Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Youth Photography Exhibition- SZIPE 2017 – (Group Exhibition, 2017, @Shenzhen Polytechnic, Shenzhen, China)

Following The Changes in Hengqin’ 2011-2014-2017: Photography Exhibition – (Group Exhibition, 2017, @Oxwarehouse, Macau)

Mǎorganic, SEEDS IN SPRING exhibitions – (Group Exhibition, 2017, @Oxwarehouse, Macau)

2017 Wonder Foto Day – (Group Exhibition, 2017, Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Taiwan)

2016 Wonder Foto Day – (Group Exhibition, 2016, @Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taiwan)

Below Laobeishan: Heng-Qin Today Photos Exhibition – (Group Exhibition, 2015, @Lange Gallery, Zhuhai, China)

Below Laobeishan: Heng-Qin Today Photos and Videos Creative Exhibition – (Group Exhibition, 2015, @Oxwarehouse, Macau)


你所做的,就是你的”—創意空間14週年展 – (聯展,2017,澳門,創意空間 CCI)

“視•界”粵港澳青年攝影作品展—2017 深圳國際攝影大展平行展 – (聯展,2017,中國深圳,深圳職業技術學院)

三年又三年──關注橫琴變化攝影展 – (聯展,2017,澳門,牛房倉庫)

Mǎorganic,「春耕」系列展覽 – (聯展,2017,澳門,牛房倉庫)

台北國際藝術攝影交流展 2017 – (聯展,2017,台灣,台北華山1914文化創意園區 )

台北國際藝術攝影交流展 2016 – (聯展,2016,台灣,台北松山文創園區)


Publication 出版

Mǎorganic – (Photobook, self-publishing, 2017, Macau, ISBN 978-99965-692-1-0)

Stranger in the strange land – (PhotoZine, self-publishing, 2016, Macau)


Mǎorganic – (攝影書,獨立出版,2017,澳門,ISBN 978-99965-692-1-0)

異邦下的他者 –  (攝影誌 Zine,獨立出版,2016,澳門)


Workshop & Course 工作坊&課程

Workshop: Documentary photography final project: Market at night – (Workshop Project, 2013, @IFT, Macau)


工作坊:紀實攝影作品 – 市場系列 – (工作坊成品系列,2013,澳門,旅遊學院)